It is the select shop which started from Fukuoka in 1995.
From the beginning of opening,
With the communication with the designer as the first,

We handled Japanese non-landing brands a lot.
Mainly on the jacket-style that the men’s line harks back to the U.K. in the 1960s,
The atmosphere of the man who is adult with the core is felt
We select a brand and a product and unfold.
From several hundred kinds with a choice of cloth,

We can make one’s feeling of size and the first place that I like it and looked good with
We do it including a semi-order suit
A plan and production of the original brand,
We perform the wholesale sale.

The lady’s line,
Handmade shoes brand,
We perform the handling of the vintage jewelry around 60’ s.

Address 3-7-21-1F, Yakuin , Chuo-ku , Fukuoka > MAP
Access 8 Minutes walk from Nishitetsu Yakuin Station
Open Hour 12:00 - 20:00
TEL&FAX +81-92-521-0796
Holiday Thursday
MAIL evergrey@evergrey.com


We handle the brand and products that selected from the inside and outside the country including a domestic brand and the British import brand.





It is the brand which assumes the culture style that music and a fashion link EVERGREY original brand "TEDDY", and was born the origin. "TEDDY" which is a brand name does the style that there was with a fashion and culture, the music (Rock' n' Roll) in the times when media called the first street fashion born in the U.K. in the 1950s with "TEDDY BOY" = bad boys with an inspiration source.



As a matter of course, the good point of a design and the form starts an original suit brand in thought that I want to investigate the silhouette which there was to a person wearing it more from May, 2009 while, above all, a style to let you feel a fashion, culture at the time of 60' s and 70' s of London that there was with a musician and music suggests jacket-style.
The owner performs a major ring and builds up Only one suit only for one together in the world while asking you about hope.
The order suit which the select shop which was familiar with a fashion and culture builds up can enjoy a silhouette different from the another store in gangs. ※ Because you deal with the wedding clothes, please refer willingly.

PRICE: 40,000 yen - production period: Around three weeks
RESERVATION tel: +81-92-521-0796




A mail order type shoes brand to ship the shoes which I accept an order in a net and one point of one point craftsman is handmade and built up directly to a visitor. I prefer it to designs more than several hundred kinds released in every season, wide size 21-27cm and can order it.
I have you introduce me as wedding shoes in wedding clothes shop and sell it.

*We can OEM production.Please feel free to contact us

*We can wholesale each our brands. Please feel free to contact us.



Retail and wholesale, net direct sales, etc.
Based on a wide variety of experience and track record,
A full-time staff who experienced DTP · WEB design and PR in major publishers and IT companies
Of your company’s creative and branding
It will help.

It is not limited to apparel, we have a wide range, such as weddings and restaurants. Please feel free to contact us.

[Service Overview]

Art Direction
WEB planning / design
Paper items Planning / Design
Logo / illustration production
Media / promotion planning and proposal
Planning, manufacturing and sales of fashion items